Need a SheetCam teacher/tutor

We are a non profit called Christian Metal Art who only seek to spread God’s word. I live in Atlanta Ga and I need someone to teach me how to use SheetCam, we are willing to pay anyone who volunteres to come to our house and teach me how to use this software. We have looked at videos on youtube, but we are still struggling. Please help!

I realize its been almost 3 years since your request, do you still need help or a “sounding board” for questions or ideas ? I’m pretty comfortable with SC in the plasma process. I feel like I have my machine dial in pretty well, I’ve written my own custom scpost, and I have a good and efficient work flow between my 2D CAD (LightBurn) and SC, design to toolpath cycle time between the two is seconds. Let me know if you’d like to chat.


Hello Lou,

I could sure use a sheetcam Tudor if you have the will and the time to help me. I will compensate you for your time, I usually pick these things up eventually, I have learned Inkscape, firecontrol. But sheetcam has me all twisted up, some of it is a time issue. If you are still active I would love to talk to you. Thank you!

@Jlang10, I’ll send you a PM, we can discuss what type of help you need, I’d be glad to help you. In the meantime, there is a lot of SC instructional available on youtube too if you haven’t seen those videos yet. Myself and many find these pretty good: