MultiCam V-Series Plasma Post Processor

Hello! Thanks Les for the great software! I just bought a license. I’m excited to get cutting with it!

I’m currently using easyGcode from multicam which is very easy. I’m looking for a little more flexibility and to keep track of existing cuts on full sheets. This led me to sheetcam!

There seems to be 3 variations of multicam posts but they look like they’re for a router.

Anyone mind helping me get setup? I’ve added a more complex file if needed for curves and such. I’ve changed the file name from .cnc to .tap to upload here


Heres a simple square with easyGcode

G98 P1020 X96 Y48 Z16 S96x48 MS | 16 ga
G00 T71
G00 X19.194964 Y0.315037
G01 X19.174963
G01 X0.238787
G01 Y19.251213
G01 X19.148463
G01 X19.174963
G01 Y0.355037
G01 Y0.315037

Heres a square which might be scaled differently with the Multicam2 Post

N0010 M90
N0020 G74
N0030 //Filename: squaremulticam2.cnc
N0040 //Post processor: Multicam2.scpost
N0050 //Date: 04/05/2022
N0060 G40
N0070 G90
N0080 G74
N0090 //Part: square
N0100 //Operation: Outside Offset, Layer_1, T1: MS 45Amp 18gauge
N0110 G00 T1
N0120 G00 Z-0.3937
N0130 G00 X18.9417 Y-0.032
N0140 G00 Z-0.15
N0150 G01 Z-0.06 F3.937
N0160 G02 X18.9097 Y0.0 I0.0 J0.032 F237.0
N0170 G01 Y18.8832
N0180 G03 X18.8832 Y18.9097 I-0.0265 J0.0
N0190 G01 X0.0
N0200 G03 X-0.0265 Y18.8832 I0.0 J-0.0265
N0210 G01 Y0.0
N0220 G03 X0.0 Y-0.0265 I0.0265 J0.0
N0230 G01 X18.8832
N0240 G00 Z-0.3937
N0250 M05
N0260 M02
69 CAMARO-96X48 MS _ 16 GA.tap (18.7 KB)