Most complicated post processor or system possible?

Working on my fairly simple machine 3 axis plasma with 4th axis addon, and watching all kinds of videos for cnc machines 3,4,5,6 axis beveling etc. I was curiuos what the most complicated machine that has been ran or could be ran with sheetcam and mach either Les or Anyone.

A local guy was very impressed with the square tube cutting in its current form, and i think he could maybe use some custom CNC equipment, and i think its cool too, but im also thinking, buddy you haven’t seen nothing, because of some of the very involved machines past 4 axis.

Here is the time to for you to brag about your machines. Just thinking of the possibilities.

Im not talking multi million dollar company with everything at their disposal, or million dollar machines, im talking normal average guys with a passion for CNC creating something from an idea or a need.


I don’t know of many really complicated machines. I do occasionally see some odd machines such as a glass grinder for making decorative patterns in glass or a punch for punching shapes out of rubber.

I also did some work on running a Fanuc robot with SheetCam a while back. It was used for plasma cutting steel I-beams.

Now that i would like to see. :slight_smile:


I never saw that job finished (if it ever was). I put a lot of wok into it then the guy I was doing the work for disappeared and I never got paid :imp:

That really sucks. He should be ashamed of himself for doing that to you. Do you demand pre payment now?

My mistake was in letting the bill build up. I’m now a lot more careful to invoice bigger jobs in stages. If I don’t get paid I stop work.

Has anyone done a post for a machine with a drill bank?