modify tool of a tap

i want to modify my tool on a tap all rady done as post prosesor
jut fin out that for my THC to work i need to chage some setting
im cuttien a 1/4 plate and post for 1/8 and is a very big desing dont want to do all the work took my like 10 hrs do any one modify they tool after making this post i did not save my desing i have it on DXF and on TAP

In the future I would recommend that for complicated jobs you save the job (File->save job). Job files contain your drawings, tools and operations so you can quickly make any changes. However it is too late for that in this case so you need to work with what you have.
First of all what do you need to change? G-code is a simple text format that you can open with any text editor. If you just need to change something like the feed rate or pierce height you can do that by doing a search-and-replace with your text editor. If you say exactly what you need to change I can tell you what to look for. If you need to make changes to the geometry such as leadin/leadout sizes or positions this won’t work.

Thanks i will do what you told me , i did that before but i was hoping i was able to import the tap and modified it but i think that is not posible
thanks i will do text edit
just need to change pirce and hight
thanks for your help

You can import a tap file back into SheetCam but all you get is the geometry. You won’t get any of the cut settings and the cut order will probably be wrong.

I just did all , and this time i save it , thanks guys for the tips

Very interesting. This could come in handy.

I tried loading a tap file, but it didn’t work as expected. I loaded it as a drawing, since that was the only place I could find the tap extension. I left the default options in the window that popped up, and also tried a few different number formats without success.
Here’s what SheetCam loads and here’s what it looks like in Mach3.
It is an open path that I cut along the edge of a bar, so maybe that is what is messing it up.

That’s an I,J mode problem. It looks like your tap file uses absolute arc centers and SheetCam is set up for incremental arcs. There isn’t currently any way to set the arc center mode in SheetCam

Okay. Not a big deal, just thought it might be handy to be able to get a drawing from the tap file. I would think SheetCam could look for the G90 or G91 in the code and compensate.

It does recognise G90/G91 but they specify if X,Y coordinates are absolute, not I,J coordinates. There aren’t any standard codes to select absolute/incremental I,J