Modify drawing / layers

If you have a drawing like this

and want the two oval contours to be machined. But the vertical lines are making trouble so they have to be removed or moved to another layer.
At this point it is only possible to move closed contours to a new layer a s far as I know (the yellow coloured).
It would be nice if it would be possible to select also single lines or segments.

Another thing that would be also nice would be to have the possibility to rename and delete layers.

You can select both open and closed contours but currently you can’t delete individual lines. Adding that functionality is a fairly big change so I won’t be able to do it in the near future. I’m still working on getting everything sorted for the new stable release which should have been out in January.

You can rename layers. Turn on the layer tool (View->layer tool). Click on a layer name to select it. To delete a layer go to contour mode and right-click->Select all->from layer then right-click->delete.
By the way did you try the latest zigzag pocket in dev? I took a lot of what you said on board.

Just for the Future. I thought that would be easier as selecting whole contours.

Ah the Windows like slow double-click. I tried every other (double-click, F2, context menu…) :mrgreen:

But that only deletes the content of a layer but not the layer itself. I can also hide a layer, but for the overview it would sometimes be good to delete it.

I’m not sure if it is the latest version but this one with the additional finishing pass.
I could only test that theoretically because it was not working with wine on my linux system in the workshop.
But I fed that on a Windows system here with some different parts and it made a quite good job.
I really look forward to the release!
Thanks again for digging in and improving that feature!