missing lines in sheetcam


I have some issues with the dxf file attached. I can not manage to import ALL lines in the dxf file - I am wondering what the problem is. There are always missing some of the lines.

Thanks for any advice :wink: !

I can’t see anything obviously missing. Can you explain exactly what is missing?

I attached two screenshots - one of the CAD software, where you can see ALL lines I need and one of the file imported in Sheetcam. As you can see at the right side and in between the two parts some of the lines are missing.


In the meantime I managed sheetcam to import ALL lines I need by just changing the missing lines again and again and suddently the lines were there, but I have no idea what the problem was/is.

I experience this issue again and again and it is pretty annoying… I really need to get rid of it - what can I do?


Hmm, the Windows version loaded the drawing correctly. I would guess that this is related to groups/blocks. If you explode all groups in your drawing it will probably load correctly.

I opened the dxf file in the CAD software and exploded all groups, but it still does not load all lines - it is really frustrating…

Can you run the Windows version under Wine? It should load the drawing correctly. I am working on a new Linux release but it may be a while.