me again regarding h-plot h-gantry post processors for mach


My understanding is that the marlin/sprinter post processor for ramps 1.4 arduino based H - gantry rep-raps/3-d printers already exists and is open sauce.
It is my understanding that It does simply take your common or garden cartesian x and y co-ordinates and then processes then into H -plot gantry positioning. Don’t understand how, but it does?

so how does it do this, and is it then possible to write this cartesian co-ordinate exchange code into the mach3 plasma post processor file in sheetcam, and then call it mach 3 plasma H-bot ot H-gantry or H-PLOT

I only just looked, and you can run a tradition x/y machine with no Z - I didn’t know that.

really just want to make a H - BELt machine using a 20mm HTD 8mm pitched belt, enabling me to use car parts for pulleys and idlers.

thank you

oh p.s. I did buy an arduino and a ramps 1.4 card and the lcd thing.
but because it is a 3d printer affair, I can’t import any 2d 2.5d files, I.E.
I like corel draw, and that don’t export.STL or any of the other 3d formats.

OH also, that bloke just did the 3d printer wizard fo mach3, so in real terms, by simply adding a mach3 h-gantry affair to sheetcams post processing would enable then any 3d h-bot printer to simply use sheetcam and mach?
doing away with arduino and ramps 1.4, replacing it with smoothstepper and big drivers - thus big motors = big 3d printers?

thanks again

I only want a h-bot low profile plasma so I can chuick it in my car and take it to my mates workshop to use his big compressor and plasma, although I am liking the look of those little miller units…so I need it small and light - table top in design, i.e. half a metre square flat bottom’d so I can lay the sheet of steel atop a bucket of water and magnetise the complete light-weight gantry to the steel , ctrl.p away
I do like the idea of wireless arduino file sending and scrolling through the lcd
the ‘go’ button.

thanks again and again.