Manual optimization like quick cut sequence

Title says it all. When manually ordering the parts rather than dragging the name of the part in a list, it would be nice to just click on the parts on the sheet in the desired cutting order. Going through the list is cumbersome if you have a lot of duplicates. It is difficult to tell which part is being moved without going through the list and looking for which part appears with a darker outline.

The development version has this. In nesting mode right-click->Set part order.

I didn’t know that. The dev version seems to be crashing and doing strange things for me. I went back to the stable version. Guess I’ll have to try again. Seems like it is more robust.

It works really well in dev version, been using it a fair bit.
I like the start leadin at centre of circles & larger toolbar icons in dev as well.

The thing that I seem to have dev crashing is when selecting a new layer on a part and not actually clicking the part in the list, apart from that it’s great.

Just one thing, pity you cant work on operations while in nesting mode, that would be a good timesaver :wink:

Could you explain what causes the crash in more detail.

Yesterday both versions crashed for me when I opened an old job. I think the cut rules were different and it crashed I tried to copy the file rules into the toolset. It asked about the report but I don’t have internet on that computer so I didn’t submit it. Guess I should find a way to send that to you.

I’ll try and replicate it and take better note tomorrow, I have sent in crash reports after it happens a couple of times but never sure if you get them.