Machine Rapids after wiggle pierce

Using sheetcam and mach 3 with a Hypertherm powermax 125, after setting a wiggle pierce on thicker plate, it will do the first pierce fine, however after the first, the machine will rapid after the pierce instead of going to cut speed. The IPM is correct in the gcode, however it rapids instead of following cut speed. Is this a mach 3 issue?

Could you post a copy of the job file and the g-code. I’ll take a look and see if I can work out what is going on.

Please see attached.
.88-2-6.job (81.1 KB)
.88-2-6.tap (2.91 KB)

This is really odd. I’m not seeing any unexplained rapid moves in that code. I’ve never seen Mach cut at the wrong feed rate.

I know, I watched the gcode and the feed is correct, it will do the first part correct, the second part it will rapid after pierce, then after it say, it goes to another line of gcode after a corner, it will be the correct feed, only after the corner however. I looked at this quite awhile as well. Its like windows can’t keep up with mach or vice versa…