Machine origin / Part origin

Hi everyone,
I set the machine and the material as in the tutorial. material is right where I want it on the table. Then import dwg, lower right corner selected and the dwg origin is positioned perfectly at the lower right corner of the matl. Just what I want.
I do all of the paths, then generate the code (Mach) and the PART coords are the same as the MACHINE coords.
How do I set the PART coords where I need them.
There is a bit of this part missing in the tut.
Am I taking the right approach ? thanks

Hmmmm…I think I see better now.
Have to set the material corner in the same location as the machine origin, then import the dwg desired pos on the material.
This seems to work but it is anti to the prettty machine, table and material displays, if I’m looking at it correctly.
Any help appreciated.

Had a terrible time getting logged back in. Very terrible ! Anyway, I found the info I was searching for. I tried to post a link to the topic for anyone else who would be interested and thats when the forum went goofy for me.
All is well.
Thanks Les for a cool prgm.

Working oK now.
Here is the topic that helped me.

Thanks again :sunglasses:

To be honest the work, table and working envelope displays aren’t that useful unless you are amost always processing sheets. I sometimes use the work display if I am working on a tight part but normally I don’t even bother with that.

Yes, I just set the display dims at 0,0 to keep them out of sight. Sorry I didnt mention I’m using a knee mill.
It’s not really important, just not what I expected to see and threw me off for a bit.

Thanks Les