Looping Outside Corners

Hi Les,

Sorry to be a nuisance, I tried the looping outside corners but there was an unintended consequence I believe.
Simple square 40 mm on a side, tangent lead in, tangent lead out at a corner. All good so far.
I apply a single path rule “Before Lead-out” that drops the feed rate 10 mm before the start of the lead-out. The tool path display indicates the feed rate change and that it runs to the end of the cut - including lead-out. All good.
If I now turn on “loop outside corners” the feed rate change happens ~14mm before the start of the lead-out and the feed rate in the lead-out then increases to its original value.
What am I doing wrong ?

That doesn’t sound right. Could you send me a job file (file->save job) that demonstrates the problem.

Hi Les,

Here’s the job file that demonstrates the issue.
TestSquare.job (15.9 KB)

I think I have figured out what’s going on. Loops are added very late in the toolpath creation process, after the rules have been applied. The applied rule trigger points are based on the length of the toolpath. Adding loops increases the length of the tool path so the trigger points effectively move back along the tool path. In your case the loops add ~4mm to the tool path length so the rule triggers 4mm too soon. You can test this by decreasing the loop size. The rule will move closer to the end as the tool path is now shorter.

I’m not sure how to fix this one. I’ll stare at the code a bit and see if I can figure out a solution.

Hi Les,

Thanks for the update. Would this little anomaly have any bearing on the issue I was having with path rules?

To recap: I have a rule set that contains the “on circles smaller” and “before end” rules. Both are selected.
If the " on circles smaller" rule is active (circle meets the criteria)then the “before end” rule will generate an action but NOT a feed rate change if the
tool operation specifies a lead-out and the lead-out length is less than the before end distance.
Essentially if the tool operation specifies a lead out then “before end” rule feed rate change will only occur in the lead-out and the lead-out needs to be included in the “before end” rule.
If the “on circles smaller” rule is not active - cutting a square for example - then the " before end" rule works as expected.


No, I think that is a different issue. Could you send me a job file that demonstrates the issue.

Hi Les,

The Job file that illustrates the issue is attached.
Tool operation specifies a lead-out of 10mm.
The “before end” rule has a distance of 5mm, a feed rate change and an action point.
The behaviour can be observed if the " include lead-out" check box in the “before end” rule is toggled.
The posted G-code shows the action point in both scenarios but the feed rate change only occurs if the " include lead-out" check box is selected.

Circle_PathRules.job (14.2 KB)

The latest dev version now has a fix for this.

Thanks Les.