Linear Cut Distance

Three Questions?? New to Sheet Cam

  1. Is there a feature in SheetCan to track linear cut distances in inches?

  2. If not anyone know how or where I can get this info for each cut item?

  3. Can anyone recommend a good CNC Simulator?

I plan on using Mach 3 Dont know if this has a simulation feature.



Mach3 does have a simulation feature. Sheetcam also has a simulation feature that works quite well. It’s the blue icon at the top right of the tool bar that looks like a milling bit.

I have not tried the sheetcam option, I was reading the sheetcam operators manual and it said I needed to get a simulator to run the g-code. There was nothing meantioned in the manual about it having a simulator.

Is this simulator in the TNG version?

I’m doing plasma cutting not sure if that makes a difference?

Any ideas on where I can get info on the linear distance of the cut?


The simulator is in TNG. Are you using standard?

To calculate the cut distance, in standard click on the stopwatch next to the P button. In TNG, click on the report button next to the P button.


Thank you, I had not updated my copy of TNG to the latest version. I completed the update and I have everything that I needed. Thank you again.