license and runtime error

I have a tng license and just downloaded The Dev for use with DCC. Can I use the same license to remove the code limit on DEV? How?

P.S. I was getting the runtime error 6025 when exiting Sheetcam. Les said he was not sure, but it sounded like a display driver problem. I don’t have internet at shop so I carried computer to an internet connection for updating. Computer said it had “never” been updated. It took over four hours. No crashes yet with limited use. I wonder if the others having this problem were also internetless and not updating frequently? Or is this just a coincidence?

Yes, you can use the license with both dev and stable at teh same time as long as they are both on the same computer. You’ll have to install the license in dev in the same way as in stable.

It is interesting to hear that an update fixed your virtual function call issue.

Thanks. I hope it is fixed. I npticed one of the other posters with this problen mentioned that he had no internet access so I am assuming he was not current on updates either.

I downloaded Dev from your website but nowhere did I tell it nor did it ask if I had a license. Does it automatically know so I will not be limited in code lines? Thanks

You can tell by looking in Help->about. If there is no license it only limits the amount of code you generate when you run the post processor.

Got it registered. Thanks