Layer and leadin/out control

Sorry for the late reply. I missed this post. The way to do this is to create a drawing with all of the layers you want to use. Now set up a cut on each layer with the appropriate settings. Save the job (file->save job). Now all you need to do is load this job and open your new drawing. Your cut operations will now be applied to the new drawing. Any cut operations that refer to missing layers will turn red but you can safely ignore that.

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I tried it your way AND it does work BUT some areas are confusing to operators.

IF I just open new job and import a drawing I have to

Assign operations to layer and apply leadins and outs.

THe program will auto assign the drawing name to the posted gcvode file AND the save job file so it is EASY to control file names.

NOW IF I do it your way with a saved job it will auto setup the operations to layers (nice)

BUT you have to remeber to post the gcode to the drawing name as the defalut name will be the OLD job name. AND you have to remember to SAVE the new job under the correct file name.

SO is there any way we can have the best of each process??? Possibly set up a profile that can assign layers to operations and have the specifics setup so (like the saved job setup you recommended) AND have it post and save with the IMPORTED drawing name.

THat would be a very handy option for those of us who predifine all layering the same way each time. This is very common in jet cutting world to always use the same layering technics.