join curve

I am using sheetcam for a rotary disc tool (4 axis)
i am facing a problem in some small arc where they are not taken continuously bcz i have a start wheel & end wheel on each contour
so di we have a command that we can join the curve ??

I’m not sure what you are asking here. Could you send me a job file (File->save job) with everything set up ready to cut.

the problem that i face is from the post processor & not from the sheetcam i have inside the PP( angThreshold) that it will make the grinding tool lift up on an angle defined & bcz in my jobs i have small arc in some point the disc will up & this cause a gape between line i changed the value from 0.2 to 1.55 but still facing in some point & i can’t put the value above 90 degree bcz of the corner i will send u the post & if we can do anything it will be perfect.
Thanks a lot for your help
Glass cutter Bavelloni.scpost (13.8 KB)

Do you have a picture of the cut? I’m not totally sure what is happening here. Looking at the post it seems to be applying some offsets to compensate for the wheel. I suspect you need to experiment with the 'Wheel offset" value in your tool definition.

yes if i reduce the value of the wheel offset it can solve some problem but I can’t do this because on the corner the line will overlap, so if we can edit some formula or change some condition inside the post to disable the lift clearance on a continuous arc .