jet tool >> plasma - voltage text box please

Is there a way to add a text box for voltage input to be stored with the plasma tool settings, that way it could be used in the post processor and possibly be sent directly to my THC

it would require a ToolVoltage function to also be added I guess to the post processor so we can then use it there.

(does not have to be “voltage” but it may be useful to hold an additional variable for the Tool, which could be stored with the Tool which we could bring across to the post processor, and add to the gcode directly).

THC I am intending to use has the ability to set target voltage directly, as well as delay time (which is already there)



(sorry put it in the wrong section earlier…)

are you still after a voltage box ? Ive added one to my jets tools, I can put the code to add into your post if your still after it.