J Leadin For holes

Les is it possible to do a J shaped leadin on holes?
Eg. pierce at the hole centre, then move to the start of the arc leadin shown in the pic. then carry on as normal

This would leave the pile of dross on a pierce as far from the cut as possible but provide a nice leadin more like the Hypertherm true hole technology.
I want to combine it with an overcut which can be done in Plasmac without the postprocessor getting involved.

why not just use the centre pierce function for holes?

I think it’s in operation

No I want to cut holes where I can and I want to pierce in the middle but retain an arc leadin which I can’t see is possible. This is to implement some advanced hole cutting that not currently supported out of the box.
I do spot and drill some holes on a separate layer at other times.

Well that strange

How was that hole lead in done?
Found here https://forum.sheetcam.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8415&start=30#p28081

OK, can forget this now. Amazing what an upgrade does now it lets me :slight_smile:
Worked it out