Is there a post processor for a Heidenhain 151 Controller?

I am using a Bridgeport Interact II with a Heidenhain 151 controller. Is there a post processor for that controller? Are they difficult to write?

TNG comes with two Heidenhain TNC150 posts. I would guess that one of them will work.

I have the demo version of Sheetcam
I looked in Options->Machine->Post Processor->Post Processor Envelope Tab and in the drop down list there are no post processors for the Heidenhain.
Where can I find one? Another version of sheetcam?

Odd. they should be there. Anyway, here are the three posts. Save the
attachments to your computer then run SheetCam and go to
Options->machine->post processor and click on the ‘Import post’ button.
Using the dialog that appears, open one of the posts. Repeat for the
other two. They should now all appear in the list.

It looks as if the text of the attachment was posted. Can you email me the files. Or should I copy and paste the text. Only problem is knowing what to copy and paste into a text file.

Ack. That went a bit wrong. Let’s try again…

Great! Worked great. I have all three imported. Thanks so much!

Hi Chandeler,

How do you get your postprocessor to run in sheetcam? I downloaded the heidenhain psotprocessor and selected it under options, machine, posts and confirmed by clicking ok but sheetcan still wants to output G code file. I restarted the software but not getting better! Any ideas what I do wrong?


You may need to change the file extension. You can change it in Options->machine->post processor.

I’m sorry but I dont come here too often. Hopefully you have solved the problem with the post processor you were having.

Here is what I did to make it work for me.
I imported all three post processors. I did what you did but I selected the Heidenhain Conversational Post Processsor. The other 2 output G-Code and I wanted conversational. Works great for me. Kind of. I’m having a little problem but I’m posting that in another thread.

Just for future reference the thread can be found here It includes an updated conversational post.

Please give a postprocessor for num 750
thank you