Is there a PlasmaRotaryMach3 post with platemarker?

Hi Les,

I’m using the PlasmaRotary Mach3 post. It works great. But the plate Marker doesn’t seem to work correctly with a rotary axis. I’m wondering if there is an updated post for this?

What isn’t working correctly is the Offsets for the Plate Marker when using the rotary axis.

I’ve tried modifying it some… But seems I can get the plate marker to work with offsets but then I break something else in the post because of my lack of programming ability!

In the end what I am looking for is a post that will handle both a Plate Marker with its offsets and a Seperate Center Punch tool with its own separate offsets. and to have these work with both flat sheet and rotary axis.

I would be happy to pay you for your time!


Jeff Tice

Oops, I missed this post. What exactly happens with the offsets?
Adding a punch as well shouldn’t be a major issue.