importing G Code and then nest


Sheetcam is great: I have an 2500 dollar CAM software upgrade en never use it: I’m still using Sheetcam because it is faster and has better functions for my needs.

But… I’m using the cad/cam plan for 3d engraving and parametric cabinet designs and that is getting bigger and bigger in my business. Only this software package is not able to nest properly and that is where sheetcam could help me.

There is the possibility to import Gcode as a part in sheetcam. When I do this I can see the outline of the part but there is no functional G-code created.

Am I missing something or how could I do this?


After some research I found this:

It is called DG net pro and is exactly what I’m looking for: Nesting pre written Gcode files.

This would solve my problem but it seems that this program is not longer supported.

The thing is that I can not find another program that does this.

I can’t be the only one with this problem right?

Since you like Sheetcam, you might go to their website and look at the plugins page, they have a plugin that works with a couple of different nesting programs.