icnc performance controller

Hi , i have a icnc performance controller from thermal dynamics and i am wondering if there is a post processer that i can use in sheetcam to uplaod G-code to it.

is this the unit?

It appears page 5-42+ that explains EIA Input Options explains the valid gcode stmt set.
I check your SC post folder, I have this one that shipped with SC (v7.0.21) or earlier: Thermal Dynamics iCNC (1).scpost
The help header in the file shows it is a modified copy of Mach3 plasma.scpost.
The attached file compares the two scposts, mach3 on the left, icnc on the right.

I hope this helps, I don’t have/use the unit, but if you have more questions or the post doesn’t work right, perhaps we[the forum community] can help based off the manual.
TD iCNC Performance - Mach3 post compare report.zip (5.66 KB)

Hi Lou, thanks for your reply, yes this is the unit I have.
And also I tried using the post processer you mentioned : Thermal Dynamics iCNC (1).scpost
I don’t really know what to make of the comparison report between the icnc and Mach3
The one thing that I know is that the icnc cannot be loaded with a gcode directly and that it has to be done thru its native program Promotion Nest.
I am able to cut with Promotion Nest using dxf files however it does not offer the flexibility to Sheetcam to add rules for cuts. Moreover if I load a G-code directly to Promotion nest that i derive from Sheetcam using Thermal Dynamics iCNC (1).scpost the outcome changes completely.

I am just wondering if someone can help with the issue

So I have limited information on this machine and software, but here’s what I glean from the your info and the manual I reference above.
On page 5-42, the manual confirms as you mention that Promotion Nest is the sw that loads the EIA files (gcode files).
Information on that page also mentions that the EIA Input Options window (I assume you know how to open this window, I don’t) can override the interpretation of some gcodes in the EIA file, despite certain modal statements such as G90/91 (absolute/incremental motion modes) and F (feedrate) being in the EIA file; this can be a gotcha if these options are out of sync with the EIA file. So if the TD iCNC(1).scpost is used to gen the EIA file, you’ll want to make sure these EIA Input Options are correct.

  • Coding - absolute
  • I and J codes - incremental
  • Program Rotation - No rotation
  • Feed and Kerf - don’t ignore F codes, ignore K codes
  • F Codes - absolute

I also noticed that what makes the TD iCNC(1).scpost somewhat unique is that it does not output Z motion; it could, but those statements are commented out. If your machine does not have a motorized Z axis, then this is correct, but if it does have motorized Z, you should uncomment these .scpost statements in OnRapid(), OnMove(), and OnArc().

Finally, since there is no Z motion generated, there is no per-cut torch touchoff, no pierce height, no cutheight, no safeZ motions. Again, those can easily be included but some knowledge of the required motion is necessary to fix up OnPenDown().

I’m attaching a simple test case of two shapes and the EIA file generated by TD iCNC(1).scpost.
simple parts.eia.txt (775 Bytes)
simple parts.job (12.4 KB)
Thermal Dynamics iCNC (1).scpost (3.53 KB)