how can ı fix the licence issue?

I get this error when i try to run the post processor

This post has thrown an error:
…\ProgramFiles(x86)\SheetCam TNG\posts\MERVE.scpost:205:
attempt to call global ‘checkangle (a nill value)’
Do you want to edit the post?

But Merve.scpost is correct.

That is a problem with the post processor, not the license. If you send me a copy of the post I’ll take a look and see what is going on.

Post processor is working now another small draw. But when ı add long characters it shows this error. by the way ı have a licence.

It was a post problem. This post appears to have some missing code (a function called checkangle). I took out the part that references that missing code so the post should now run. I can’t guarantee that your machine will run correctly as I don’t know what that missing code did.
MERVE.scpost (6.47 KB)

Hi Les, ı tried the new post.
Cut the start is above rapid clearance plane
I got this warnings
How can ı fix this?

Go to Options->job options and increase the rapid clearance to be higher than your pierce height.