help with post material detection

I have a mach3 with proma thc compact and i put the probe on to detect the plate proma is doing THC and is not that bad but my plate is all bend from cutting so when i star z will be very difrent in some parts of the plate i find in proma website the code but not sure how to put it on the post of sheet cam
im using the MP1000 post i used a geko 540 but i only have one input free and i was not able to wire the switch to make a floting tourch so i want to probe with the arc of the plasma but nut sure in what part of the post copy and paset this i found in proma website
G00 Z20 (setting the burner about 20mm over the material)
M3 (Plasma connection)
G31 Z-10 F300 (looking for material at 300 to Z = -10)
G92 Z3 (Z axis reset + sample correction)
G00 Z6 (raising the burner 6mm over the material)
G04 P1000 (material piercing time 1000ms / 1s)
G00 Z1 (lowering the burner 1mm over the material)

thanks for your help

I’m not sure I understand your question, but I don’t think the proma thc has the ability to sense the material to set your starting z height. It is only able to sense the voltage of the arc while cutting and adjust the z height at that point.
To sense the starting z height you need an ihs system such as a floating head switch or an ohmic sensor.

i do have a ohomic but dont know how to install it

It might help if you post more info about your controller and what ohmic system you have.
One side of the ohmic sense connection goes to the torch shield and the other goes to the material.
You will need to assign the probe input in mach3 to where your ohmic is connected. Then the G31 code will lower the z until the input becomes active.
It is usually wise to have a backup in case the ohmic misses (which it does occasionally) to keep from breaking your torch. If that isn’t possible, at least use some sort of breakaway.

I buy a ohomic from Rusia Federation , I dont longer have Ebay acount so I lost the contact , Im. ataching a picture of the instrucction
i have no isea where to conect on the side that are to wires one is red the other one is blue
the other size go to 3 cables , where i have the tource there is a sensor that have those 3 cables so I will guess they go there
i use gecko 540 Board and i only have one input left if i dont use any limit switch im using the other 3 inputs for proma
do I need to explain more ?
thanks for your help

It looks like the brown goes to a 12-24v DC power supply positive. The blue goes to the negative of the power supply. The black wire goes to the input. It should send the positive voltage to the input when the sensor is touching metal.
I’m not familiar with using a proximity sensor like this for height sensing. Usually most height sensors are ohmic and work like an ohm meter. Hopefully someone using this type of setup will reply and confirm that this will work.
I hope that helps.

Thank you very mush
i just email the guy of the Russian Federation find his post on ebay
i buy this machine in Los Angeles like 5 year ago from lighting CNC but is been a nightmare no support and then i buy mach4 with a board from hicon and same thing no support , and well even i buy mach4 , much3 is the one i use , thank you very much
byt they way when HICON told me they will give me suport after 2 years and they where cool my PC broke I will guess the one with the black luck is me LoL , any way my THC is woring just need the ohmic to work and find out how to do a postprossesor to be able to see where the material is
if any one can help will be great
i use
proma TCH compact hypertherm mach3 gecko 540


PD i need to finish the job on my table but the plate bend and need to be able to make my machine find the plate , the job is been on may table for 3 weeks know but customer ( friend need it yesterday )

do any one know where i have to write this on the post prosseror
im using sheetcam

G31 Z-10 F300 (looking for material at 300 to Z = -10)
G92 Z3 (Z axis reset + sample correction)
G00 Z6 (raising the burner 6mm over the material)
G04 P1000 (material piercing time 1000ms / 1s)
G00 Z1 (lowering the burner 1mm over the material)

this is to find the material thanks

Use the ‘Mach3 THC with scriber’ post processor. It will do that for you. After selecting the post, click on the ‘Edit post’ button. Near the start of the file are a number of configuration options. You can ignore most of them but you do need to set these:
switchOffset = 0

The first time you run, stop the machine just after it has referenced and before it pierces. Now manually check if the distance between the torch and the work agrees with the Z DRO in Mach. If not you can adjust the switchOffset value to compensate.

your information on the THC is available here:
The contact is Denis Yusupov (email address on the contact page)