Help - Table Reference missing

For some reason our red table reference just disappeared off the screen. When we go to load a drawing, it shows the drawing but its way off in the upper corner.

How do I bring the table reference back?


Try going to Options/Machine options/Table display and see what’s on there. The Size and Origin should match your table. They probably do not right now. I’ve had mine change before for whatever reason, and re-entering the table entries took care of it.


Everything is good!

Something else is wrong…I just have a black screen.

Could it be because Iam using the development version?

Did it work before or is this on a different computer?
In the view menu, make sure you have ‘show input paths’, ‘show toolpaths’ and ‘show machine and work’ turned on.

Same computer. It’s our dedicated plasma computer.

We’ve been bandaiding it by opening the settings folder and deleting all settings.

While that works to restore the table ref, It’s annoying to Reconfigure everything.