G code in Sheetcam

Hi. I’ m having a problem. I’m drawing in Alibre Design,exporting in DXF to Sheetcam,Post processing in MP 1000 THC ,Than into Mach 3.When my file gets there it/s not in G code but something like this-Angle =0 Copy of=0 enabled=1 H ref=0 Locked =0 etc.etc.Any help is appreciated.

It sounds like you are loading the job file into Mach. Job files contain your drawing and settings in a format that SheetCam can understand. They are not the final generated G-code. You need to run the post processor (the big green P button) to generate the G-code.

I have been running the post processer,and it says process succeeded,but what do I do next? Thanks.

When you run the post it asks you where you want to save the G-code (tap file). This is the file you need to load into Mach.

Thanks much I’ve been trying to save Part instead of Save Job. :laughing:

I realize that this is a Sheetcam forum but maybe you can help with Mach.When I take my file loaded on a memory stick to my control computer it down loads into Mach as some other file with a little red X in the corner of it.I am new at CNC plasma and run into lots of dead ends.

I am not quite sure what you mean here. When you load the tap file into Mach do you see the tool paths in Mach?