Export complete nesting as dxf

Good day.

I do plasma cutting.
Is it possible to export my completed nesting as a dxf?
Or is there another way to import a previously cut remnant?


There is a dxf post processor that will run your operations and create a dxf of the cut instead of the normal gcode. See if that does what you need.
I think you’ll have to set the operation to no offset to keep the correct dimensions, but I’m not positive.

Thank you djreiswig.
I am going to try that.

Thanks for the info.
I found two DXF post processors: DXF and DXF no arcs.
Both post processor’s dxf files could not be imported, due to errors - two separate CAD programs.

I’m new on the forum. I tried attaching the dxf - Hopefully it works!
4mm Nest.dxf (75.7 KB)

You have some path rules active. These are dumping M666 and M667 codes into the dxf file which makes it unreadable.

Thank you very much Les & djreiswig for pointing us in the right direction.
DXF of remnant successfully output, and loaded in new nesting as material!

Two pictures of a quick mock-up:

I’m not sure what you are doing, but if you nest parts on a sheet and cut them and later want to nest some more parts on what is left of your sheet, you can just uncheck the parts you have already cut and run your post on the new parts and it will only make code for those parts.
What I usually do is lock the parts that have been cut so I don’t accidentally move them. Then I enable all the parts and add what I need for new parts and position them. Then there is an option on the right click menu over the parts list to disable all locked parts. If you pick that then all you have left is the new parts. Then lock the new parts as you cut them and repeat next time.

Because of remnant handling and storing, we clean our remnants by cutting all unnecessary pieces off.
It happens that we cut the original “plate home” away.
Smaller remnants could also be turned and thus changing the “plate home” position.
Thanks again!