evaluation limit

I’m trying out sheetcam, and i get the error of the evaluation limit reached and the post processor failed, I am trying to figure out which post processor to use anyway, on a hypertherm ht2000 and my searches are coming up largely empty.

from what i understand the evaluation limit has to do with the lines of gcode, is there any sort of trial that can be obtained? once again, my searches came up empty on that front as well.

any help that could be rendered on either the post processor issue or the eval limit issue would be greatly appreciated.

There are a few Hypertherm post processors supplies with SheetCam. Try the ‘Hypertherm microedge’ post first.
I have emailed you a 30 day license.

thanks a bundle les, ill try those out

I get this same issue with the Mach3 post- “Error: Evaluation limit reached. Post processing failed”. I’m only just starting to explore sheetcam, and this comes up while running the tutorial for profile cutting- Eventually I’ll be using it to run a Langmuir Systems Crossfire plasma cutter, but I need to learn how to use the software first and wasn’t having any luck stumbling about the menus.

You get that error if you try to generate too much code with the demo version of SheetCam. I have sent you a 30 day license off-list.
By the way there are lot of tutorials on YouTube. If you search for SheetCam you will find quite a few videos.