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I am attempting to reteach myself Sheetcam while I am working overseas for the winter. I am an Alaskan resident and I have Sheetcam licensed on my CNC back at my shop in Anchorage (it was on the CNC when I bought it). During the winter there is no work in Alaska so I work in Asia, and I put Sheetcam on my laptop to play with so I could watch tutorials on youtube and brush up on my skills. I don’t know about other people but when I walk away for 6 months at a time I get really rusty and struggle the entire next season. That being said, must I purchase another license just to simulate the experience or is there a way for me to use it? I am unable to bring the rather large desktop from my CNC Plasma with me when I travel and really want to stay active with the software so I can be proficient. Any help you could give would be appreciated. Thanks.

Can you install your license on your laptop instead of your CNC computer?

That would be great but I am in Manila now and the desktop is with my plasma table in Anchorage Ak.

If you did not delete the original email, you should be able to search it and just download it to your laptop.Now if you are just practicing and not using it to program another machine, evaluation is not a problem,it just limits the amount of gcode you can produce.