Error Code

I am working with a SVG file and when I click on the Post Processor I get an error message that says Evaluation Limit Reached. Post Processing Failed. What is the meaning of this? How do I correct it? Thank you.

There is a limit on the number of lines of gcode that the evaluation version will output. To fix this error you’ll have to purchase SheetCam. If you are getting this error on a licensed copy, then it’s possible that your license code is pirated. If this is the case, contact Les at SheetCam with your information and he should be able to look up when you purchased your copy and see what is up with your license. If your copy came with your table, then contact the manufacturer of your table.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I did purchase a Sheetcam license on 02-24-23 thru Langmuir. It did not automatically come with the table. I will try and contact Les.