Error code-Layer not found

I have been using SheetCam for about 5 months now to create g-code for my plasma table without issue until today. I created a job with a nest of 5 parts and when I go to operation-jet cutting, choose my tool and click on OK, I get an error that says “Layer not found” and it also says "layer does not exist. I only created one layer. I tried importing another single part file and get the same error message. I tried uninstalling SheetCam and reinstalling it with no change. I would appreciate some help in figuring this out. I need to get some part cut.

This is because you are using different layer names in your drawing than the cut operation was last set up to use. Simply drop down the layer selection list box and select the layer you want to cut.

Thank you for the reply. I knew it had to be something simple. I was trying to make it complicated.