Editing shapes generated by library

So I’m not sure exactly what in the world is going on here, but its happened fairly often to me lately. When I try to edit a shape made from the shape library(seems to pretty much only be the “Rectangle with Multiple Holes” created by yours truly here so that’s probably your first clue) I get this wild incomplete toolpath that cannot be fixed except for deleting the part and recreating it.

Other times it just adds these weird points.


I’m sure its something I did wrong in the code for the shape, but I don’t see it.

The two dots happens almost every time but the almost non-existent toolpath seems to usually happen when a rotation is involved. Is it something it is not liking about setting the hole spacing or hole diameter or other inputs to zero. Do I need to just leave those in the shape and delete the contours not needed? I use the rectangle with multiple holes all the time because it is the most versatile.