edge starting a part.

I am sure this has been covered somewhere but the answer eludes me.

If I want to plasma cut a square for example from material that is too thick to pierce but not too thick to edge start, how can I configure sheetcam to not cut the edges which align with the edge of the material?

Thanks in advance,

These are the two ways I would edge start, I’m not keen on starting from the edge of plate as you tend to get movement from the skeleton expanding.
It’s worth drilling holes I think if you only have a few, doesn’t take that long with hand drill.

Thanks for the response but not quite what I had in mind. I take your point though.

I’ll try again.
Lets say I have a piece of 200mm wide flat bar which is coincidentally the same width of the part I wish to cut. So all I need to do is cut the ends.
How can I remove the 2 sides from the cut list without doing a new drawing?

I am afraid SheetCam doesn’t let you do that. You need to modify the drawing.

OK Thanks Les.