Edge start

Hi I’m new so go easy😂😂
OK ok where do I start.
Glad I found this forum that’s for sure.
Loosing the will to live here.

Right now I want edge start.
Yes I’m trying to punch a centre no idea how I mark a point so made a 1mm circle.
That no good.
Now I have 2 start points.
The hole is inside so he s1 I can move that anywhere and see the lead In
Now the outside I can’t see the lead in no matter how big I put it and the s2 for outside I can not move it.
Only s1.
S2 is way over other side.
Not where I want it.
Trying to cut 30mm plate.
I’m going to mill the hole but would like a pierce punch hole but failing at both.
Can anyone point me in right direction as feeling dumb here.