DXF Files from Corel Draw

Having a problem with dxf files I am getting sent from corel draw, the files will open fine in fusion 360 but when I try to bring them into sheetcam it takes forever and a day for them to load. Any Ideas?

Could you send me a sample dxf file. Alternatively you could try using svg instead of dxf.

How do I upload a dxf file? it says dxf files are not supported

You could email it to him at Les@sheetcam.com

How are you opening the dxf file? Use File->import drawing. In the window that appears, make sure the file type is set to dxf. You should now be able to omen the dxf file.

I sent you an email Les, I was talking about uploading a DXF File to this forum

Sorry, I missunderstood. I think it was related to the dxf file size.