DXF drawing wrong size

I have two versions of SheetCam on the same computer. The attached DXF drawing is a simple 1.5" circle. In version 3.017, the circle comes out at 1.18" while in 3.1.35 it comes out perfectly at 1.5". Both times I measure it using the tape measure inside sheetcam.

Did I do something odd with my 3.0.17 version that changes the scale of drawings? Up until today it’s been working perfectly (although I must admit that I’ve been mostly using 3.1.35.

When you import the drawing a box appears with some options. Make sure your scaling is set to inches. If the scale number is not 25.4, select metric then switch back to inch.

That was it. I guess since the Custom radio button wasn’t pressed I didn’t worry about what was in the input box. Thanks!

Yes, that is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release.