Dumb question.....

Alright, don’t laugh - dumb question…
Les, I set up everything to cut our grates, ran the post processor, here’s the message I get: Error: Evaluation limit reached. Post processing failed.

I’m not trying to evaluate, I’m attempting to develop the G code to load into the Mach3 computer, as I thought the setup would work. So why am I getting this error message.

I checked Sheetcam’s license which is located where the Sheetcam main file lives - it’s there. (license.camlic)

So where do I go to pull the G-code, I assumed it would be saved out of the Code edit section.

What am I doing wrong?

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In SheetCam, go to Help->about. What does it say about the license? I would guess either it can’t find the license or you have an expired evaluation license.

Les said

In SheetCam, go to Help->about. What does it say about the license? I would guess either it can’t find the license or you have an expired evaluation license.

Okay, it says: This product is unregistered." I checked the Show license button and the usual - Software license agreement, grant of license, Copyright, etc. etc. It shouldn’t be unregistered, because it is a legitimate copy. So like you suggested, perhaps the license can’t be found.

I just spoke to Tom at CandCNC. He confirmed that we indeed purchased a Full package from CandCNC, i.e., licenses for Mach, Sheetcam TNG, and Dxftool. He suggested that perhaps Sheetcam can’t find the license. I know the license wasn’t for evaluation.

I have it installed in Windows 7 professional, in the Sheetcam folder on the main drive. The only thing I can think of is that I downloaded your newest .19 version. I understand I can have it and the stable version on the same machine.

Got any ideas.

I think the license file is in the wrong place. Run SheetCam and go to Help->install license file. Using the box that appears, open your license file then restart SheetCam. It should work then. If you have both dev and stable installed you will need to install the file for both versions.

Hey Les,

I can assure you, I installed the license file umpty ump times before - this time did it three times and it worked on number four. Somebody musta been standing on one leg with the left eye closed… I believe Murphy was his name…

Anyway - thanks.



I can’t think of anything that would stop the license file being installed. The installation is specific to a user name so if you install the license while logged in as one user you won’t see it if you log in as a different user.

Hi There,

I think I am having the same issue since updating to v7.0.19 yesterday. The Wright CNC Plasma Table was working fine with the old version.
I’ve searched through all the threads and didn’t see any thorough instruction for the fix.
Please help with unable to move fwd on post processing.

My error message in simulation:
Running Post Processor:
Warning: WARNING: Feed Rate is zero
Post processing completed with 1 warnings

In Code editor after processing…
I only have 10 lines of code.

I see my license info and all under help.

Furthermore, I updated the location of the license and it didn’t work.
Drive:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\SheetCAM TNG (Window XP Prof)
or in Software → Help → Open Settings Folder

Please Help!