Drill through

Good evening all

Is there some way to allow a drill to drill 0.770 in a 0.760 thickness material?


I do something like this quite a bit. In Sheetcam’s Options, on the Job options window, Height of bottom of material above table field. I usually have about a 1/4" which is the scrap I have below the material to cut. That should do it.



Will that affect the other processes that I’m doing on the sheet as well? I just want to drill deeper, not cut deeper.

It may or may not. I can’t say 100% It doesn’t for me. On the Machine options window, Post processor tab, Z zero area. Mine is set to Top of work, so I assume all machining references are from the top of the material to cut as setting the Z axis to zero is when the bit is just resting on the top of the material. You could still use the Top of table option, too, as long as you’re accurate about the thickness of the spoil board or scrap in use.

With the Z zero set at Top of material, I could have the Height of bottom of material above table set to 1/4" but actually use something 1/2" as the spoil board and as long as I have enough Z axis clearance, I’m good to go. Shouldn’t set it to 1/2" and use a 1/4" spoil board because there would be no warning in SheetCam of the bit hitting the table top if going too deep below the material.