drawing import settings and line segment enquiry


I’m trying to work out why my imported dxf files appear to be line segmented in sheetcam and therefor export as segmented into Mach3. Is it just that the original dfx is incorrect or are there import setting which will affect how Sheetcam sees these dxf.

I have enclosed an example dfx and a screen grab of my drawing import settings. If I load this dfx directly into Mach3 it appears to show it as smooth curves.

Any thoughts most appreciated

I downloaded the dxf file. It appears to be a gcode file, though.

In my experience, SheetCam has settings to help correct less-than-perfect dxf drawings. I suppose some settings could be changed far enough from reasonable to cause problems, but I don’t know that for sure.

What program are you using to create the DXF drawings?


Apologies, these are better test examples from Inkscape? I normally use Vectric vcarve/Aspire but i’m generally pretty new to vectors, polylines, arcs etc.

OK - Thanks for both files. I’m guessing you may be using Windows when saving as DXF? Just a guess. I get the same results when I use Windows. I use Linux normally and don’t get this - Or very rarely.

Even with Linux, the four approx 6.85mm circles are not complete. Also shows this in the svg. It shows a gap at the 3 O’Clock position. Try the modified one I will attach. It may be close to what you want, but unless it is a test part, don’t trust it as I only closed those circles.

That being said, you can import SVG’s into SheetCam. I almost never use this as I usually need to open the drawing in a CAD program for more accurate after-adjustments that I feel Inkscape isn’t best suited for.


Thanks Paul for file,

Alas its giving me the same result as previous files. What CAD program do you suggest for segment free arc exports into Sheetcam? I have access to the Vectric packages and Illustrator as well as Inkscape. What do you use?

I now use QCAD. I have used draftsight and AutoCAD with equal results.

Maybe I missed the problem. What is not right when brought into SheetCam?


I thought i’d try something different and instead of using the Sheetcam post processor I have been using, which is ‘Mach3 plasma THC with backlash compensation’ I would process with ‘Mach3 plasma’ . Hey presto! Looking at toolpath dialogue box in Mach3 it shows smooth arc lines and not the segmented that ‘Mach3 plasma THC with backlash compensation’ has been giving me.

I’m not at my machine just now but as I remember I tried the ‘Mach3 plasma’ post processor and it did not zero before each cut as I wished. I could be wrong though, maybe you could shed some more light on that.

Getting there :slight_smile:


Yes - Sounds like you’re getting there. SheetCam’s post processor can provide the distance from one pierce to the next before it needs to zero (I assume you mean a floating head/touchoff to zero Z).

If you are using a post processor for this, the reference distance is close to the top to edit the distance. I think I have mine set at 100mm right now. I think.