I just installed the Drag Knife plugin and have a couple of issues. I purchased a Donek D2 drag knife.

When I created the new tool in SheetCam I set it up as follows:
Name = D2 Donek
Offset = .14 (inches)
Cut Depth = .02
Swivel depth = .01
Feed rate = 20 ipm

The I loaded a DXF file and made a drag knife operation with these settings:

Contour Method = No Offset
Tool = D2 Donek
Cut Depth = .02
Depth per pass = .02
feed rate = 20
lead in and out = none

Attached is a zipped folder of the SheetCam job, the DXF and the image of the tool paths in SheetCam.

Thanks for the help!

I haven’t run them but the tool paths look right to me. What you see on the screen is the path of the machine spindle. As the knife point drags behind the spindle you will see some pretty odd looking moves on corners.