Disable/Enable locked or unlocked parts

I’m using the stable version so maybe this is already in dev, but a menu option to enable or disable the locked or unlocked parts would be handy.
I lock the parts after I cut them, and I disable the locked parts so I can post the new parts. When I want to add some new parts to an old job I have to enable the already cut parts so I can see where to place the new parts. Then I have to turn them off again to post.
So I have to disable everything and then find and enable the unlocked parts one at a time. A menu option would be great.

Not sure if this post got lost, or maybe nobody else does it this way.
I checked the dev version and I don’t see anything like this in there.

I did notice one quirk in the dev version.
In Part Properties, the date is in the dd/mm/yyyy format. Shouldn’t this be in the Windows system format?

It should. Got to Options->application options->language. Is it set to the system default language?

I think it is set to English. I’ll check if there is an option for default.
Any thoughts on my other request?

Sorry, I missed your previous question. I’ll add it to the next dev release.

Cool. :sunglasses:

Changed to system default language and the date is now formatted to my liking. Guess that’s one difference between British English and US English.

Yes. It’s generally best to stick with system default unless you really need to run SheetCam in a different language to the system default (or SheetCam doesn’t have a translation for the system language).

I don’t recall ever changing the language. Does it default to the system default language by default? :smiley:

It should normally default to system default. I’m not sure why it didn’t for you.

No worries. Maybe I did change it.