Differnt tool offset sheetcam + plasma + drilling

Hell0 !
I wonder if someone could help me with my problem with plasma cutting and drilling with one g-code and the same machine and mach3
I got a air driven drilling machine and a plasma torch on the same machine but my drilling machine is not on the same cordinats as the plasma torch. My idea was to go out on the plate and drill with for example m7 command not m3 (because that will switch my plasma on) my holes make the z head to go to my home pos and wait for my ok (because i have to swing over the head and lock for plasma torch)
Before cutting the machine has to change the x 50 and y 6 mm for exact pos of the head maching my drilling
Then go cut with plasma and my products is ready !!
I know that there is many ways to do this but iam looking for a way like change my rotary tool (i think i will use only one for drilling with 3 mm) offset in sheetcam so every time i use this tool it will know the right pos.
I want to do every pieces in two or more layer with one g-code and always drill first then cutting.
I want to get plasma cordinats in the mach3 before i drill so i could jog with plasma torch and find exact starting point on the plate start my cutting, the machine change the cordinats for drilling, make the holes go to some home pos wait for my ok change back for plasma cordinats and cut out the parts.
I know that i could use snippet, change code manuel and so on but i want i automatic depending on tool choice
Best regards Mats

Yes this can be done. There are two options. You can either use the post to generate the offsets or use work offsets.
If the post generates the offsets the code for the drill will look wrong as it will be offset to allow for the head offset. The ‘Plasma THC300 with scriber’ post uses this technique. Basically if the tool is numbered 100 or higher the tool is offset.

If you use work offsets, you first have to set up the two coordinate systems in Mach to allow for the offset.

How proficient are you with G-code? If you want to go the offsets route probably the easiest way is for you to hand modify some post processor output to do what you want then send it to me. I’ll then tweak a post to suit.