Cutting off material

I typically use the plasmaspider forums but joined up here today. I have a question on cutting off material at the end of a job.
I know that sheetcam supports that function, but is there a way to create a cut line manually in sheetcam? Like select a line tool, click where I want to start and stop and make like a poly line, then have the machine cut that at the end of a job?


SheetCam doesn’t have any built in drawing functionality. There is the move operation but it would be a bit clunky to use. You would need one move to the start of the cut and another to do the cut.

Maybe I can use whats built in with some pointers.
Below, I would like to cut out the bottom left corner and leave the rest of the sheet untouched.
So how do I keep the Y from cutting the entire sheet vertically?

There isn’t really an option to do this. One option would be to do it in your drawing.

Why don’t you just create a macro (m-code) to run a cutoff operation via the MDI ?

Honestly, didn’t think of it. I used to do all kinds of custom stuff in Mach and really enjoyed the flexibility. In CommandCNC, I hadn’t even tried it.
Let me study on it some…