Cut common lines only once?

Lets say i want to cut a sheet of squares via plasma. Does sheetcam offer an option to trim the toolpaths that overlap automatically? that way a square is made only cutting two of the sides most of the time? check out image below. If so how is it done. Fusion doesnt have this either and it is sorely missed.

need to make a sheet of 2k small parts and would rather not cam it by hand.

I don’t believe this is possible.

I’m afraid SheetCam cannot do that. You would have to draw the cut paths in cad. To be honest, if you are cutting that sort of quantity of squares I’d suggest using a different process such as shearing rather than plasma.

I’m going to tread carefully here because two of the foremost experts have already replied in the strictest interpretation of OPs question.
An alternative interpretation can be: Does Sheetcam remove duplicate lines ? The answer is yes, see Options->Application options->Drawing import. I have used this in the past. But that may leave you with toolpath solutions that don’t meet your specifications for things like offset (outside v inside), cut direction, and pierce on save part. Thus you have to consider this method carefully vs. as Les suggested, draw what you desire in CAD without depending on automatic overlapping or duplicate line removal.

I think you would have to draw a grid of open paths with the finished part dimensions plus the kerf width. Then set SheetCam to not offset open paths. Otherwise your parts would be smaller than desired.
Would you cut long strips and then cut the short dimension? I would think warpage would make the parts not cut correctly. You might have to break the paths into shorter segments in your drawing to get things to cut correctly.
I’m not surprised that SheetCam isn’t able to do this, as I think it would get pretty complicated to design.