Custom .scpost file for HPGL (Set Velocity / VS)

I’m working on an older machine (Vulcan / Lockformer / North East Electronics Controller)… We have the machine, but no vendor software. The machine runs HPGL, ESSI or Word Address Format. I think HPGL makes the most sense for us. I’d like to update the .scpost to create a custom HPGL setup. I’d really like to include traverse speeds in the individual .plt output file.

The Set Velocity Command (VS) within HPGL should work fine for me… but I don’t know how to look up the Feed Rates from the selected tool within the sheetcam program.

Anybody know how to do this? Any clues on what function calls can be made within the .scpost files to gain insight to variable settings within the sheet cam job setup?

Many thanks,
Zip, Las Vegas NV USA

Ouch. Turns out that we aren’t able to push code to the unit in HPGL format. Not sure why, but the system won’t receive the file in that format via simple serial commands in Windows Putty terminal.

I’ve had to revert back to ESSI for G-code commands, and apparently for this machine, that format does not include a software set for traverse speed. You have to set that manually at the control head for the Lockformer unit. So, my original question as asked is no longer needed… Overcome By Events (OBE)

I’m now able to design in Solidworks, process to ESSI with Sheetcam, and push the file to CNC controller via a serial communications terminal. I can cut steel, although I do need more work on the dynamic torch height system. At higher speeds, the head seems to dive into the work after 3/8" of travel or so.

Anybody else out there using one of these Lockformer Vulcan II PCM machines?

Thx, Zip.

You might try asking your question over on the PlasmaSpider forum.