create a tap file

hi I’m working with an escco plasma gp 4020 made cad drawing with draght site software. iv got the drawing in sheetcam but I’m unsure what to do next. I need to turn dwg/dfx file into tap file so my cnc can read it. unsure how this is done. thanks for your time

First you’ll need to make a plasma Operation for your part (Bottom left button, “create a new jet cutting operation”. After setting up your operation, you’ll need to “Post it” to create the .tap file (g code). “P” button top left. You’ll need to set up a post processor under Options/Machine/Post processor before you can post your cut to the .tap file.


thanks steve that’s a great help I cut my 1st non generic part this morning. very pleased. still seam to have to many start points and it trys to cut the plate more than once in the same place. my cad reqs some more work I think. thanks again marc :slight_smile: