Corel Draw X8 - Sheetcam

I’ve posted on here about issues I’ve had and received some really helpful feedback…hoping to get some more. Initially I had been creating and exporting my files as DXF but after much advice I’ve begun exporting all of my files as SVG - works much better!

I’m picky when editing my files in Corel - all of the lines are clean, arcs are smooth and rounded and the only nodes remaining are necessary to maintain the drawing’s shape. When I import my SVG files into Sheetcam, initially they look awesome. But when I zoom in to get a more detailed look, you can see several nodes have been added to the drawing and several lines look wobbly. There are areas where a nice curve has turned into a point. Due to the number of issues we’ve been having (user error :frowning:, software and equipment) we’ve attached a pen to the torch and are drawing on paper to avoid wasting metal. The “wobbly lines” in sheetcam are transferring to the drawings.

I’ve been told that this is as good as its going to get. I’m having a hard time accepting that as I have seen plenty of very accurate, gorgeous plasma cut pieces, large and small, detailed and basic. Are my expectations too high or are there any other sheetcam settings that can be tweaked to clean some of this up?

I’m waiting for an email from corel support as well to see if there is something I’m doing to cause this to happen.

Is there anything that can be done?

Thank you all in advance for any advice you can offer :slight_smile:

You should be able to get as good a plasma cut as you see in your Corel Draw drawing. There are a number of options in the Corel Draw svg save dialog that may be affecting your svg file. I’ve never changed any of those options, so I’m not real sure.
One thing I would suggest you do is to join They have a Corel Draw section, and a lot of users with experience in Corel Draw. You will learn a lot over there and maybe the answer to you questions.


I’m not that familiar with X8 bit does the SVG export have an option to convert curves to arcs? That would help a lot.

Good morning Les and Steve,

I was just looking at the options in the SVG save dialogue and will research each of them to see if one or more should be changed. Unfortunately I don’t see an option to convert curves to arcs - I’m going to continue researching that. Thank you for the heads up about PlasmaSpider. I just looked found the Corel section and am going to start reading through it.

Relief to know that my end result should be what I see in Corel - thanks again for all your help :slight_smile:


Did you resolve your issue? I’m having a very similar problem and can’t find a solution to this one.

can you export as hpgl

you can alter the node count when exporting

all your ‘noise’ or extra nodes is from when you auto trace