Code snippet problems

Im trying to add code snippets to turn my thc off and on. but they seem to be coming out odd in my gcode. Ive gone back to the mach3 plasma post but still dosent look right.

N0010 (Filename: deer2e.tap)
N0020 (Post processor: Mach3 plasma.scpost)
N0030 (Date: 13/01/2017)
N0040 G21 (Units: Metric)
N0050 G53 G90 G91.1 G40
N0060 F1
N0070 S500
N0080 (Part: deer2e)
N0090 (Operation: Inside Offset, A new layer, T1: New &jet cutting tool, 1.5 mm kerf)
N0100 M06 T1 F100.0 (New &jet cutting tool, 1.5 mm kerf)
N0110 G00 Z10.0000
N0120 M666 (THC OFF)
N0130 G00 X125.0000 Y13.1200 Z10.0000
N0140 M666 (THC OFF) repeated why ?
N0150 G00 X125.0000 Y13.1200 Z3.0000
N0160 M03
N0170 G04 P0.5
N0180 G01 Z1.5000 F100.0
N0190 G02 X125.0000 Y13.1200 I0.0000 J18.5000
N0200 (Operation: Inside Offset, A new layer2, T1: New &jet cutting tool, 1.5 mm kerf)
N0210 M667 (THC ON)
Why is the new operation before the M05 to turn torch off, on last operation off.

N0220 M05
N0230 G00 X125.0000 Y13.1200 Z10.0000
N0240 X190.0000
N0250 M667 (THC ON) duplicate code snippet cant work out why, some times it the opposite code

N0260 G00 X190.0000 Y13.1200 Z3.0000
N0270 M03
N0280 G04 P0.5
N0290 G01 Z1.5000 F100.0
N0300 G02 X190.0000 Y13.1200 I0.0000 J18.5000
N0310 M05
N0320 G00 Z10.0000
N0330 M05 M30

Does anyone know what is causing this?


Could you send me your job file so I can take a look.

Ive attached job file and my post, but does same when tried on mach3 post. I think its to do the the on arc function turning thc off and on, but when i delete the thc off and on line it still does the same.

What part of the post controls the next operation, I want to make sure the last one has finished with m05 before next operation starts.

Also have you looked at , it uses an open source vector nesting code. The online version looks good but is restricted to svg. Would make a great feature if could be incorporated into sheetcam ?


Operation snippets are output when the operation starts. You see this on line N0120 and N0210. The snippet coming before M05 is due to the way SheetCam works internally. It only decides to lift the torch if the start of the new operation is different from the end of the previous operation. This decision can only take place once the operation has started.

The snippets on N0140 and N0250 are due to the fact that you have code snippets assigned to the start points as well.

I would suggest using path rules as they give you finer control over what happens.

just had a little play with the path rules, and there are loads better for controlling the thc off and on easier with then than in the cutting operation.

Thanks Russ