code not showing

Hey everyone, so i bought used setup and the old owner had people make his g code etc, I’m trying to follow the online you tube videos , but when i save from sheet cam the mach 3 only shows abut 5 lines of code, any suggestions? looks like the old computer he gave me runs - inkscape - sheet cam -mach3

A little more information will help us help you. What brand CNC table? What post processor are you using in Sheetcam?


EZXYCNC , the post processor thing I’m kinda stuck on i tried it with mach3 it will run of a hypertherm 45xp.

So it’s a cnc plasma table.

Does it have a floating head for the torch.

Can you succesfully import an SVG file from Inkscape into Sheetcam.

If so, send a Sheetcam job file here, showing the tool selected, completed operation, etc. I.E. a job file ready to generate the gcode (= run the post processor).

I can then easily choose a post processor and send the generated gcode back to you. You can then try it out on your plasma table and see if it works.

Do you see any green tool paths? If you do it sounds like a license issue. If not you probably haven’t created any operations or your operation(s) are on the wrong layers.

As for the post processor I assume you are using Mach3. In that case use the ‘Mach3 plasma’ post to get things working. This is the simplest and doesn’t have the extra complexity of a THC touch-off.

yes i am seeing the green tool paths. i will use mach 3 , would the version of programs be a problem and the windows is windows xp 2004

if it matters: my mach 3 version is 03.043.066 and is licensed to : MqqaACC{{\dtomar

oh and i attempted to send you a file the machine runs of pc I’m using mac so hope it works

Ah, not sure if a Windows Sheetcam install can open a Sheetcam job file created on a Mac.

I wanted the Sheetcam job file so I could see what you had done (tool setup, completed operation, etc). If you had done everything correctly there then it should just be a matter of choosing a suitable post processor to generate the gcode.

You sent me and SVG file but unfortunately that won’t help me to help you. I need the Sheetcam job file that you have set up.

Anyway you’ve told me you have no THC, but does your Z have a floating head to touch off on the surface of the metal before each pierce. Or is your Z just a simple direct driven one with no floating head. Or do you not even have a motor on your Z axis and thus your system is purely a 2D XY axis controlled setup. All of these factors affect what post processor you’ll need to generate the gcode.

XP is fine. It sounds like a license issue to me. Even if you have the wrong post processor you should see more code that you are getting.

Your Mach license looks very suspicious as well. Mach licenses usually have your name. What name is your SheetCam license made out to? You can find it in Help->about.

The file i sent you was done on a PC ,i just emailed them from my email on mac. you want a file thats pre post processor then so save as a job then ?
unfortunately i can’t save the job file to my mac to send.

Oh and yes i have a fixed mount for torch no height control 2 axis unit 2 motors thats all

this is off the company website mines just like that one in pic 3 motors my mistake.

OK, based on the information I have from you, all I can suggest is using the following post processor:

Mach3 plasma no Z

Your table appears to have two X axis motors, one Y axis motor, and you simple mount the torch on the Y axis plate, i.e. no up/down control.

I generated gcode in Sheetcam using that post processor and it seemed to give out the right type of code for your design of table.

I will try this thanks so much , one other thing the computer that was supplied is very old and starting to make the old I’m going to give up noises , if i upgrade to a newer computer with the parallel port to connect to the controller box would there be an issue ? this pc won’t last forever?

As long as the computer has a parallel port it should be fine. Adding parallel port cards can be hit or miss - some work, some don’t.

yes I’m still getting the compressed code so I’m thinking i may go the route of a new computer and pay for new software.

sheet cam license is
Sheetcam TNG
registered to : Angel Delgado
License id : U4FH****

That’s a pirated license and it won’t work any more.

Thanks for the help , my computer guy is building me a system as we speak and i will purchase new programs when I’m ready to run .

OK New computer is here purchased the sheet cam license and mach2/3 license of the website ? where do i get the mach 3 license from?