Circles as segments


How can I setup SC so it outputs arcs and circles as small line segments rather that G02/03 arcs?


You can edit the post processor .

From the Post documentation file :

Perform the current arc as a series of short linear moves. This should only be called from the onArc() event.
Tolerance is the maximum deviation in millimetres from a true arc.All other parameters are optional. Reducing Tolerance increases the number of line segments generated.


I saw that in the docs, but dropping ArcsAsMoves into OnArc as the docs suggest, only produced a nil value error.

Do know of a post that uses this so I can see it’s implementation?

Compare the ‘Minimum GCode abs arcs’ and the ‘Minimum GCode no arcs’ PP

In the function OnInit() also look for minArcSize = 0.05 --arcs smaller than this are converted to moves


Got it. First canned post had an example of it’s use.