Changing the tool description

Running SheetCam with linux through commandcnc for plasma cutting. Originally when selecting a tool it would show up tool number the amps the torch would be running and the gauge and type of material it was cutting. Not sure what I changed but now when I go to the toolset up im getting tool number and the kerf width. How do I convert back to the gauge and material?

You’ll probably have to reload the CandCNC toolset to get those headings back.

It has to do with the “automatically name tool” checkbox (or whatever it’s called). Uncheck that, re-load your toolsets, and I think they’ll be back to “normal”.

I ran into that once. It kept changing all of my tool names. I never understood why it affects the tools already in the toolset and not just the new ones you create.

Thanks, un-checking the automatically generate tool name, fixed it right up for me.